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Dyslexia in the foreign language classroom

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Dyslexia in the foreign language classroom
Sexta-feira, 24 Novembro 2017, 11:00 - 13:00
Dyslexia in the foreign language classroom: EFL teachers training needs and preparedness to teach learners with dyslexia

24  novembro - das 11h às 13h – Sala 1.114 (Campus da Penteada)

The ideas of inclusive education and differentiated instruction – tailored to students’ educational needs, have already gained importance among educational stakeholders, however, their implementation still poses a number of challenges at all levels of education. 

In this talk Joanna Nijakowska will discuss perceived preparedness of foreign language teachers’ to implement inclusive classroom practices, differentiate appropriately the instruction and accommodate the diversified needs of all students. She will also specify the impact of a number of demographic variables on these teacher perceptions. Reference will be made to foreign language teachers’ attitudes, self-efficacy beliefs, concerns, and professional training needs relating to teaching learners with special educational needs – learners with dyslexia in particular.

On a more practical note, Joanna Nijakowska will briefly characterise the nature of dyslexia (a type of specific learning difficulties) and the way dyslexia manifests itself in a foreign language study. Using sample materials and tasks from the award-winning DysTEFL EFL teacher training course, She will indicate areas of classroom activity in which differentiation can be implemented. This will be followed by sample techniques of classroom management, task design and teaching techniques that can enable language learners with dyslexia to fulfil their foreign language learning potential.


JOANNA NIJAKOWSKA is a teacher trainer and an Associate Professor in the Department of Pragmatics, Institute of English Studies at the University of Lodz, Poland. She was the initiator and co-ordinator of the award winning DysTEFL (Dyslexia for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) and DysTEFL2 projects, co-financed by the European Commission. She is the author of the book Dyslexia in the Foreign Language Classroom and the co-author of the DysTEFL materials. She has researched and published on dyslexia and effective classroom practices as well as foreign language teachers’ professional needs, concerns and beliefs about dyslexia and inclusion. http://anglistyka.uni.lodz.pl/ZPJ?joanna_nijakowska.
Local : Sala 1.14, Campus da Penteada
Destinatários preferenciais: Docentes da Faculdade de Artes e Humanidades | Entrada livre